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  1. CN-Kezueli


    Dec 23, 2017
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    Dear Survivors,

    "Santa flew over the overworld to deliver presents to all our players, but little did he know; his bag filled with presents was leaking. Santa is missing 151 presents. Can you help Santa find his presents?"

    Christmas is here, a wonderful festive period. To celebrate this with you in the best way, we decided to host an event unlike any other events you have seen during this season. This time, we throw a Treasure hunt at you, which goes as follows:

    • Presents have been scattered over the world, using /cw and /wild (overworld only).
    • The treasures are CHESTS, they are in a claimed area from astark_ (use claimstick to double check if you are not sure)
    • When you found a chest, put any item you want with your name on it (use an anvil) in the chest. At the end of the event we will collect these items to see who found the most chests.
    • Do NOT remove other people's items out of chests or place items for another player in chests. We can see in the logs if you did. Doing this will result in a punishment.

    • 5 Chests: 500.000 in-game balance
    • 10 Chests: 500.000 in-game balance + 5 skulls of coice
    • 20 Chests: 1.000.000 in-game balance
    • 50 Chests: 1.000.000 in-game balance + spawner of choice (not store exclusive ones)

    • 1st place: Platinum Kit + 10.000.000 in-game
    • 2nd place: Mythical Armor set + Mole Tools + 5.000.000 in-game balance
    • 3rd place: Legend Kit + Elytra + Spawner of choice (not store exclusive ones) + 3 Shulkers filled with totems.

    The event starts as of right now until the 5th of January, 11:59PM GTM+1.

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  2. CN-Herrsiegfried


    Dec 8, 2019
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    After all the chest has been searched, the following outcome has been concluded:
    1. Levidora
    2. Herr_Siegfried
    3. Jaska
    Congratulations and we will be looking forward for more participation in the upcoming events.

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