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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by disco boi, Jul 25, 2020.

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    Jul 25, 2020
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    Staff Application

    IGN -

    Timezone - UTC-8:00. Vancouver, Canada.

    Experience - Was a mod in an old faction server (forgot the IP/name), admin in an old survival server (gone). Experience in Minecraft? Played it since beta. Joined the server at 2017.

    Why -
    Truth be told, i never intended myself nor ever thought about applying for staff (until now). I see no point in doing so as i always believed and thought that you don't need a Staff Rank to help people. Most players either disagree or never thought about that belief. Even if they did, they don't set out on their way to help players like how a staff would do it because it's their responsibility. As for me, i do it because i have the sense of obligation that i must/should help people in need, mainly because i was a Police Cadet for my high school back at my hometown. I decided to apply for staff now is because why not. Some member in the server thinks I'm a staff just because i helped them out, a lot. And a certain someone wants me to be one. If i do become a staff, i guess it'll make it easier for me to help players and attend to their needs without delay, well maybe, some delay.

    Discord -
    disco boi#3897

    Yeet to my fellow yeeters if they're reading this. CookieNiama, HamsatLord, DiscoDutch, kid, Kopi, Potinos, Fido, whale, digger, GigaChad, SpaceyBoi, Miner and to the others i forgot to mention.
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