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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Soulie, May 19, 2020.

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    Apr 4, 2020
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    Hey hey it’s Soulie! I’m turning 19 this year and I am from the United Kingdom and study science in college, my time zone is pretty close to UTC. I'm contactable through discord or you can find me easily on Cwoare as I'm pretty active there ^^. I play Skyblock a lot and enjoy pvping. During pvp, especially in Skyblock where it isn’t as monitored, I have noticed that players are using blatant hacks which have not been caught by the console such as auto armour and kill aura. This ruins the balance and fun for other players and happens way too frequently making the gameplay really unfair for people who work hard to get better at pvp only to be killed in an instant due and be completely deterred from pvping again. I am applying to be staff member in an effort to combat this growing trend in people using hacks instead of spending months to train in order to kill players and steal items so both new and old players can enjoy playing here much more.

    In addition, some players wait and ambush to steal player drops after a fair 1v1 match and abuse the /is command in pvp even when in combat stealing the hard earned items of our players, this makes people not want to visit pvp in the future and ruins the experience for everybody. There has also been several griefing cases in which I would like to try to solve the mystery on who grieved the many of our players islands. Players have reported that their builds being destroyed and as a dedicated builder myself leaves me feeling devastated for them. Sometimes builds we put our hearts and souls and pour countless hours into are destroyed in mere seconds by a player who we do not even know. I really hope I could reduce griefing on Skyblock in every way I can even if I don’t get the position as a member of staff.

    I genuinely like helping the players all across this server and I have made plenty of friends in here. Although I may have no rank or permissions, other players with ranks treat me as an individual with an equal value of friendship. I do try my best to contribute to the server and help create a kind culture where everybody helps each other out in times of need and this makes Cwoare a wonderful place to play. Whether it be Skyblock or survival to even the more neglected game modes such as Skywars, Factions or Prison there is a real sense of community here you can’t get any place else and I will strive to preserve it in everyway and everywhere I can! Cwoare has been my source of constant entertainment during these tough times, I’d love to help increase the staff presence on these game modes and help support this wonderful server in whatever way I can. Although compared to the many original and old players, I am still considered fresh and new to the server as I just joined last year and I’m sure there are tons of applications who share the same level of conviction on this forum, I feel it’s worth a shot especially at the chance to experience working with some of the most respected and helpful players in the server in order to make it a better place for everyone!. I don’t have much experience with moderating on a Minecraft server as this is my first! but I have worked as a team on discord servers before and I especially understand the importance of communication and that asking for help is never a bad thing and although I’m a little nervous I’m very ready and motivated to take this on! Although I don’t expect a reply, I hope you consider me ^^.

    Yours eagerly,

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