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    MC name : AmazedDigger

    Timezone: Gmt+2 standard European summer timezone.

    Experience: I have been staff on several servers before. Manager on 2 and Admin one 1. All included I used to own a non-profit server with approximately 20 - 30 players online at a time. (Closed now)

    Experience on Cwoare: Joined in 2017 and recruited as a staff week after. Had to quit for personal reasons in 3 months.

    Reasons to apply for staff: I want to give it another try of trying to get Cwoare back to its former glory. When I was Moderator before I had tried this but have since learned some things, I hope I can play a big part in a possible revival of cwoare. Not only that, I absolutely love hosting events and setting them up, organizing them and making sure that the players would all and all have a great time.

    Why should we choose you over others?:
    I am more active that most respected staff members and I can moderate the server with effectiveness, due to my experience and studies on human behaviour, I can treat each player differently and without hurting their feelings.

    What is the least position you desire: I have no desires for any high position, the starter position shall be the one I can start with.

    Do you have Discord: yes, it is:
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