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    Staff Application

    IGN -

    Age: 24

    Language: Dutch, English.

    Timezone - UTC -3, SRT, Suriname Time.

    Experience - I've done a lot of modding (Mind you, MODDING not hacking) in MC, scripting custom tools for people running servers and used to moderate two servers back in the day. So, I actually know how the insides of Minecraft work.

    Why me-
    I have a lot of free time now, 9-12 hours a day. I'm working from home due to the COVID-19 situation.
    I'm running an up to date rig for gaming, have a great sense of responsibility as staff/mod and recently invested a lot in the server. Apart from that, when It comes to being staff, I well behave and get the job done as asked. Fair play, good communication and actually doing your job is all that matters.
    My timezone is also UTC-3, meaning when I'm online most of the mods/staff are offline, so there's another pointer. Really looking forward to joining, I'm currently not a Staff/mod in another server, this is the first I've applied for in a year. Cheers.


    Greetings from Suriname

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