Petition to get a Modded Gamemode on Cwoare!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RedstoneRubenNL, Jun 18, 2020.

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    May 12, 2020
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    okay, so here is my idea:

    it's not really complicated lol. i really think there are a lot of people who like modded Minecraft. so it would be really cool if we could have a gamemode with some sort of modpack? maybe a custom one? just to clarify for people who don't know what "modded" actually is:

    a lot of people consider "Modded" to be overpowered, super strong and almost unbeatable bosses, super strong weapons. that's because most people who haven't seen or heard much about modded, have often heard of mods like Orespawn. adding Ridiculously Overpowered weapons for pretty low cost to be honest.
    so yeah, if that is your image of modded Minecraft, throw it away, right now. do it. RIGHT NOW.

    okay so this is what modded actually is:
    Interesting Tech mods containing machines, automation, Magic things. modpacks can contain custom recipes that make the pack harder. but harder in a different way. Orespawn makes modded hard because of it's ridiculous bosses. but most modpacks are just around making machines, getting not too overpowered gear, and just having fun. (well, very often modpacks can get a little boring because of the amount of grinding some packs need lol) but yeah. this doesn't mean any exploration mod that adds bosses and gear are overpowered...
    let's get an example here:
    The Twilight Forest mod is one of the most Famous Exploration mods out there, it adds about 8 (i think) bosses to the game, of which's strength is pretty comparable to vanilla bosses. it adds some really cool and original dungeons to the game which are really fun to explore (i really like the Aurora Palace and the Dark Tower) but even though it adds bosses, the weapons don't deal more than 10 hp damage (which in comparison, an unenchanted diamond sword does 7 damage) so that's not a lot more... and the point I'm making is, this mod adds balanced weapons, balanced bosses, that won't outclass vanilla things. making it not overpowered at all...

    but yeah, now back to my main point:
    it would be really fun having a modded gamemode available on Cwoare... this could range from a custom modpack, or an already existing pack. in 1.12.2, there are a lot more options for mods than in 1.15.2 (the version survival and skyblock are currently in) but 1.15.2 might be more fun? idk... but yeah so let's get this post a lot of upvotes/likes/whatever they are called so mender might consider the idea.

    ps: if this is going to be considered, i'd love to help finding a modpack, or making one!
    Pss: if it's gonna be an existing pack, do this one:

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