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By AmazedLady on Dec 24, 2017 at 12:21 AM
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    Discrimination, sexism, racism, troublesome, threats & offensive content
    Disrespectful attitude won’t be tolerated. Comments/messages that contains any type of offense/racism/threats/bullying/insult are not allowed

    Pornographic or extreme/disturbing content/text will not be tolerated

    DDoS Attacks/Threats
    DDoSing or threating the server with DDoS will be taken very seriously and
    will result in a permanent ban

    Ban evading
    Trying to get away from a ban is not permitted, the ban you have received on your account also applies to your other future or existing accounts. Using alts while banned will extend your suspension.

    Spamming is not allowed
    Spamming messages/commands in order to get attention won’t be tolerated

    Advertising is not allowed
    Advertising is not allowed! Sharing server IP’s or names, discord invite links, youtube links containing videos of other servers will be punished.

    Scamming/traps/death rooms/grief
    Scamming, making traps, making death rooms, tp killing, griefing & stealing is not allowed. If it doesn't belong to you, let it be. (Factions excluded)

    Staff disrespect/spam
    Disrespecting staff members-Spamming them for no important reason is not allowed.
    Our staff team is doing it’s best to help out the community but some times they are too busy to answer at that time. DO NOT spam them.

    Begging for ranks/items/op is not allowed
    Making alts asking for items is not tolerated.

    AFK Farming
    You will be automatically moved to spawn after 6h of AFK'ing.
    No Anti AFK mechanisms are allowed (Anti AFK bots/mods)!
    If you AFK at a farm that is causing lag on the server, staff will move you away from the farm.
    AFK-Fish farms & AFK mining (ex. using mods/macros/autoclicker, taping the mouse or placing heavy objects on your mouse) is completely forbidden.

    Usage of Alt Accounts
    Using alts to AFK by your farms while playing on your main account is completely forbidden, just as using alts to get access to more spawners (SkyBlock).
    Using alts to vote for more rewards is not allowed! Also using new alts for voting every month is not tolerated.

    Hack accusing
    Accusing someone of hacking without proof will not be tolerated. If you want to report
    someone for hacking do it through forums with proof (video on good quality without lag). Joking about hacking is not allowed. Hacking is a serious matter.

    Hacking/cheating/using hack clients and even joking about hacking is prohibited
    Using any type of hack, using hack clients or using cheats/mods which gives
    you an advantage over other players is not allowed.
    Mods like Schematica and WDL are not allowed.
    Mods like Item scroller that places alot of entities on the ground are now against the rules.

    Duplication machines/duplicating items is not allowed!
    Building duplication machines (rails, carpet, tnt etc) is not allowed and will result in a punishment.

    0-tick Farms
    1.14's new glitched farm technique is causing enormous lag on the servers, especially large scale 0-tick farms. Therefore, 0-tick farms are no longer allowed and will be automatically be dismantled.

    Account Selling/Sharing
    Account Selling/Sharing is against our rules and will result in a punishment.

    English only
    Use English when talking in general chat. You are allowed to have minor discussions in another language but when it comes to larger conversations, use gang chat or /pm.

    Kind request
    Try to avoid subjects related to religion.
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Discussion in 'Information' started by AmazedLady, Dec 24, 2017.

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