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    Global Rules

    Chat Rules

    Use English when talking in general chat. Use gang chat or /pm to converse in another language​

    Mechanics, Clients, Modifications, and Hacking
    Abusing Minecraft mechanics to get unfair advantages are not allowed.
    Modifications to the client are allowed, as long as they do NOT grant you an unfair advantage over other players.

    Examples of allowed mods:
    - Optifine (Performance boost mod)
    - Brightness and gamma adjustment mod
    - Minimaps (Minimaps that show caves/mineshafts or dungeons are not allowed for example Xaero's minimap)
    - HUD Mods that allow you to see ONLY your own Armour stats and durability are allowed.

    - PvP mods that allow you to see the stats, armor, toolbar and the similar, are NOT allowed
    - Using a HACK Client is NOT allowed.
    - Similarly, HACKING is NOT allowed.

    Advertising is not allowed
    Advertising is not allowed! Sharing/mentioning server IP’s or names, discord invite links, youtube links containing videos of other servers will be punished.

    Hack accusing
    Accusing someone of hacking without proof will not be tolerated. If you want to report someone for hacking do it, visit our forums and submit your report with proof (video of good quality, without lag).
    Joking about hacking is NOT allowed. Hacking is a serious matter.
    Falsely accusing someone is not allowed. I you suspect someone, feel free to submit a report so that staff can investigate further.

    The game can be quite competitive against other players, but be responsible enough to not take it too far, and know when to stop.
    Please be appropriate and keep the chat safe.
    Cwoare Network has kids under the age of 18 playing, so try to keep the chat appropriate and family-friendly.
    Staff members will take action based on the situation.

    Controversial Topics

    To avoid any conflict between players, it's best to avoid talking about certain subjects.
    These include, but are not limited to, discussions about sex, politics, religion or drugs.
    If a staff member asks you to move a conversation elsewhere or drop one, you should do so.

    NSFW behavior

    Pornographic or extreme/disturbing content/text will NOT be tolerated
    Phallic-shaped buildings are allowed, as long as it's not obvious.
    Do not discuss, mention or refer to any sexual comments or gestures.

    Disrespectful attitude/language

    Discrimination, sexism, racism, troublesome behavior, threats & offensive content are NOT tolerated.
    Disrespectful attitude will NOT be tolerated. Comments/messages that contain any type of offense/racism/threats/bullying/insult are NOT allowed.

    Death threats are taken very seriously.

    We do know that players say they will "kill" another player and they usually refer to the in-game PvP.
    However, if a staff member sees a death threat as "too far", strict action will be done against this.
    Real-Life Threats are NOT allowed in ANY way, and will lead to severe punishment.

    Topics such as suicide and suicidal behavior are to be avoided.
    If you are troubled, seek consultation from a doctor. We wish the best of luck to you.
    Staff members will take action if it goes too far.


    Survival, Skyblock, and Vanilla
    This is a free world, players are allowed to claim what they want as long as the land and the build belongs to them.
    (If a player has claim someone else's property, staff can delete the claim and take action against the player)
    Staff members can't unclaim and/or move a claim for someone
    Please make sure to claim your land and everything around it to avoid this issue.

    Griefing is NOT allowed.
    If a place is not claimed, avoid the place and do NOT attempt to claim, grief, steal or raid the storage and the build.
    If you are taking items from a container that's claimed by someone else, ALWAYS ask for permission, even if you have /trust.

    Killing of players outside PvP is strictly NOT allowed.
    Teleporting a player to your location and killing them (using any form of traps, explosive or not) is NOT tolerated
    This also includes the Skyblock Island PvP. Enabling PvP on your island and asking players to teleport with the intention of TP-Killing them is NOT allowed.

    Duplication Machines/Duplicating items
    Building duplication machines (rails, carpet, TNT, etc.), duplicating items, or even attempting to dupe are strictly forbidden, will result in a severe punishment. Even joking about duping is against the rules.

    Spamming messages/commands in order to get attention won’t be tolerated.
    Begging for items/ranks/OP is not allowed.
    Making alts asking for items is also not allowed.
    Listing fake renamed items in /ah is not allowed.
    Scam another player for items, money, /trust is not allowed.

    Impersonation and /disguise
    Identity Theft of any form isn't tolerated.
    Impersonation of other players, with the intention to scam, is not allowed.
    Disguising as staff is strictly prohibited, and won't be tolerated at all.
    Using /disguise to insult someone is also not allowed.

    Account Selling/Sharing
    Account Selling/Sharing is against our rules and will result in severe punishment.

    Regarding DDoSing and Doxing
    DDoSing and Bot attacks are not allowed, and will result in a permanent ban.
    Doxing and releasing information about someone's personal life is not allowed - staff will punish depending on severity.

    AFK Farming
    You will be automatically moved to spawn after 30 minutes(Survival) / 2 hours(Skyblock) of AFK'ing.
    Anti AFK mechanisms (like Anti AFK bots/mods/macros) are NOT allowed.
    If you AFK at a farm that is causing lag on the server, staff will move you away from the farm.
    AFK-Fish farms & AFK mining (ex. using mods/macros/auto-clicker, taping the mouse or placing heavy objects on your mouse) is completely forbidden.

    Usage of Alt Accounts
    Using alts to AFK by your farms while playing on your main account is completely forbidden.
    Using alts to gain more to more spawners in Skyblock is strictly not allowed.
    Using alts to vote for more rewards is not allowed.
    Using new alts to vote every month (as an attempt to reach higher votes in /votetop) is not allowed.

    Ban evading
    Trying to get away from a ban is not permitted, the ban you have received on your account also applies to your other future or existing accounts.
    Using alts while banned will extend your suspension.

    If you are facing an issue, you can use /helpop to reach out to online staff, only if it is urgent. Follow the following format while reporting on /helpop

    /helpop {Player/players you are reporting} : {A brief description of their wrongdoings}
    Example: /helpop Player123 is TP-Killing people in Survival

    If your report is not urgent, please use #Ticketing on our /discord server to submit a report. Kindly follow the format mentioned in #ticketing and give a detailed yet brief description of your problem.

    If you are reporting for a grief, please add the coordinates to the location on your description.

    False reports and baseless reports will not be tolerated.
    Reports that aren't punish-worthy will not be tolerated. Please only report when a situation gets bad.
    Any sort of disrespect attitude towards staff in tickets will lead to your report being ignored.

    Staff Members
    Please know that staff can be very busy. They may be working on something, answering the query of players etc. When contacting staff, be patient with your problem, and explain everything clearly .

    Attempting to do a staff job is against the rules.
    Educating players about the rules and discouraging them from performing non-permitted activities is allowed, and is encouraged.
    However, threatening to punish players for breaking the rules and acting as staff is not allowed.

    Store Purchases
    Thank you for donating to the server, and we appreciate your donations.


    Refunds/chargebacks are strictly forbidden, we will take legal action against this.

    Annoying players using the perks you received with your rank is also NOT allowed. You bought the rank for yourself, not to annoy/trouble other players.

    World-Downloader Mods
    Mods such as World Downloader and Schematica are NOT allowed. We like to keep our maps to ourselves.​
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