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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by NepClaw, May 16, 2020.

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    May 16, 2020
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    Salutations! This is my application for becoming a Helper in your server

    About me: After years of leaving Minecraft under the shelves for years and being replaced by other games of similar concepts and designs I have come back after remember fond but foggy memories and Cwoare was one of the first servers I joined and the first server where I actually stayed for so long, I've come to love this server quite a lot and have met some really interesting people, I have been here around for not as long as the others to be quite honest as I've only been here for a few months if I remember correctly, I have no prior experience as a helper in Minecraft but I have been in other games and social media sites (I.E. Discord) that I find relevant.

    Why I want to apply:
    well the reason would be the rather large influx of hackers and rule breakers in Cwoare that either took quite a while to get a response or have escaped unpunished, and the seemingly lacking number of staff as I often find the server devoid of staff at rather active times of the day.

    Why I should be Chosen:
    Well to be frank it doesn't have to be me, Just having another staff member would be quite beneficial to the server and if it does end up with me being chosen then I would allocate hours into assisting in managing the server and enforcing its Laws.

    other info about me:
    Age: 17
    PoB: Philippines
    Discord: MegumiTanaka#2993

    If there would be certain things that you'd like to ask regarding me
    then I would be obliged to answer.

    Kind regards,
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