it is BIAS

Discussion in 'Report a player' started by VARDHIN_1, Jul 24, 2020.

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    Jun 22, 2020
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    I have been playing on cwoare today, and I played on prison for few minutes, and I saw some players playing, and I gave a friendly pat on one guy, and they became like pigmen and started attacking me, but I have attacked them back nor I was willing to, even I tried to trade with a play so that they would stop, but they didn't,
    I tried to trade golden apples, but they haven't accepted, and accidentally by brother joined prison, and he was unarmed, and they killed him brutally, it is unfair, and I too lost my armour and was running, but they didn't stop,
    I am a guy who would give my opponent a sword and armour kit, not a coward to hit unarmed, and I just left it and stopped my anger, and then after a while I visited skyblock, and that guy named 'pillow' who has attacked me in prison, started teasing me and started bothering me calling me noob, what have i did to him,

    he started getting mad, and I said him that he is unfair in reply to his tease, but he repeatedly called me noob and started swear words, so did I but he did start first without any reason, then I quit skyblock and played vanilla, and just few minutes ago, I went to skyblock again, he was online, but I was silent, and teleported to miss_redstone, and he was in that island, well, I was cool, didn't do anything, I have no enmity,
    I didn't do anything, but, he changed island settings, he started hitting me with a diamond sword, I was unarmed, but I had a sword but I haven't took it in hand, I was in side of peace, but despite all, he killed me.

    this time it is intolerable, I said it is unfair, you shall not hit unarmed, it is not fair, he started picking the conversation again and called me using swear words, this time i warned him, but he didn't care, I threatened him so that he would stop, but he didn't , I was like, why fighting with others, and I left skyblock, and that guy reported to NEKUDGE,

    and she without even asking my opinions or looking onto my side, being bias , she muted me for 12 HOURS,
    why soo bias, this isn't the first time, I was warned several times, without even knowing why have i did that, it is highly unfair,

    If so, I have been muted under that circumstance then it is the fault with the rule that he provoked me to say those words, If so, I have provoked someone intentionally so that they would use swear words against me and they would start to threaten me, the I can surely make anyone get banned or get muted, It is a loophole in the rule book.

    And I and my brother are highly dissatisfied of what has happened today, we faced the pain of that innocent who has been punished, I don't know about your rules much, but In my nation, it is said that ”let hundreds of criminals escape but not an innocent shall be punished ” and It really hurts me...

    therefore, I report pillow and I request nekudge not to be bias again

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  2. CN-Nekudge

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    May 16, 2020
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    Firstly, it is PVP, you join there on your own risk. Such a thing such as "fair fight" is not very common in PVP, which is why it's a scary place, in my honest opinion. It's why I don't join PvP unless I need to.
    As for the Skyblock PVP island issue, I've told Soulie and SmileyHappy about it and they will look into Pillow123's case and deal with him.
    Finally, do explain the threats you've made to a player as shown in this screenshot. As I've mentioned, you enter PVP at your own risk (Skyblock Island PVP aside, other mods will handle Pillow123 in this case). I personally do not tolerate such toxicity, especially if it's taken too seriously and mentioning IRL. The 12 hours of mute punishment was because of this toxic issue. Just remember, it's just a game! No need to take it personally, if your truce doesn't appease to others, it's not your fault but you do not need to retaliate! It will only dig a hole for yourself. Thank you for posting this in forums, we will deal with Pillow123 as well if the other mods see fit.
  3. CN-Soulie

    CN-Soulie MOD

    Jun 2, 2020
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    Although I do sympathise with you, pillow has not exploited any bugs or given himself an unfair advantage to kill you in pvp whether it was in the island or not you are given fair warning when it is enabled and have a chance to get away. He'll be warned for his language use though.

    Best regards,

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