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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by VARDHIN_1, Jun 24, 2020.

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    We do not suggest any very weirdly complex suggestions, here are some simple suggestions, hope you like and add them...
    1. when someone types and non-conduct words please replace them with something like, 'yay, I am family-friendly' and please know which circumstances did they tell... ;)
    2. please remove the death message add on, it is really annoying on hard mode, to the people whom it shows really feel annoying but others laugh on them, laughing on someone who slipped on a banana peel by mistake is not good... :(
    3. promote some in-game players to some ranks, like the hero, builder, caretaker of roads and something like that, so many players are really interested in that... It will help players to make the server more beautiful...:)
    4. access to some commands, like to get the list of coordinates of every pet I have, since one can't know where exactly his/her horse is when they lost it...( happened to me) :(

    Thank you
    warm regards
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