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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ikke123HH, Jan 29, 2020.


Do you want custom enchants?

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  1. Absolutely, it will make it fun

  2. Not really, I like it the way it is

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  1. ikke123HH

    ikke123HH New Member

    Jan 25, 2020
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    I was wondering if there is a possibility to add a new plug-in called custom enchants (/ce). This will make the gamemode and eventually the server if you enable the plug-in on all gamemodes.

    Now a little bit deeper prison wise, you use exp to buy the books (now you have a use for the exp). It will also make mining more fun because you get better enchants + there will be more of a grind because you want the best books. There is also a command to tinker (/tinker) bad books, it will turn them into dust so you can use it to boost other books so your pickaxe wil not break.

    There are also protective scrolls (white-scroll/black-scroll). The white-scroll makes it that the item you want to enchant will never break. The black-scroll removes a random enchant of an item.

    As owner you can decide how many enchants you want to add to an item. If you set it to 5 there can only be 5 on an item except when you are Mod/admin/... then you can add more.

    When you add this plug-in more people may join because a few years back I always looked for servers with that plug-in.

    I really hope it can be added but it is your decision.

    Kind regards

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