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Discussion in 'Survival' started by Cellegen, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Cellegen

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    Jul 1, 2019
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    I wondered about how can i improve my way of organizing stuff and setting up everything for the next upcoming projects. I thought mods could be handful. After reading the network rules of survival, it was written:
    "using hack clients or using cheats/mods which gives
    you an advantage over other players is not allowed.
    Mods like Schematica and WDL are not allowed."

    I've listed two of my main reasons to get the exact mods I'm going to write down that isn't related to these rules, since it doesn't count as cheat, more like a guide or educator.

    Too Many Items mod
    It lists all of the items / blocks that are currently available on any client / modded client that are involves these two things along. On multiplayer, if you have a specific rank that allows you to repair your equipment / change the weather or the day-night cycle, this tool will make sure that you only need a few clicks to do that instead of fully typing the command which is rather annoying for... a lot of people. Also can be used for searching for the recipes of the items that are craftable.

    Inventory Tweaks
    This mod allows you to organize your inventory and the storages (for example chests, trapped chests. shulkerboxes and enderchests) within just one click or with a hotkey set. It has very handful options like Auto Refill, Repair Friendly Auto Refill, Shortcuts, etc. One thing that I don't understand why is it there and that is the "Middle click" function. With this on, i couldn't be able to sell the items instantly, instead it goes to an other item to buy which is really annoying from my perspective. So i recommend turning it off that "Middle click" function.

    I don't think these 2 mods gives advantage against others, instead it give advantage to my purposes, since the reason of the mods are quiet understandable for why is it made like that. So i recommend get these 2 mods on "1.12.2" version of minecraft (with optifine on for better performance).

    If you have mods that can be helpful and not be able to break the system faster or better, then feel free to comment on it!

    (For any reason if the admins are rejecting these options, then i won't keep this topic open, instead i would recommend to delete this topic for this mesure.)
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  2. Cellegen

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    Jul 1, 2019
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    Mod Showcase:
    Journey Map
    This mod prints you a current state of a map which shows your generated chunks just like how a map would do it ingame. This has 2 functions:
    Overworld mod (shows the surface) and Underground mod (shows the undergound). It only shows you the chunks both on the underground and surface, if you were generated those and memorize it.(which it does it automaticly) Very handful for projects that require a long "journey" to get there. :)
    (edit: all the mods should be connected to 1.12.2, since the server is optimized on that version only.)

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