a lot of burglars and scammers...

Discussion in 'Report a player' started by VARDHIN_1, Jul 24, 2020.

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    playing since a lot of time, I have seen so many people and even left them without reporting, but I think it is not a good idea not to report, these guys truly scam each and every player,
    for example,

    incidents with XXyoutuberXX:-
    1. He would often visit other player's bases and would try to be their neighbours or just start to live with them and gain enough trust.
    2. He would slowly start to mess the things up, like, using items in chests without permission, pranking, etc,
    3. examples are, he has looted something like 3 stacks of iron ore, diamond kits, sulkers, 23+ diamonds or so, tools, etc,. just only from me and my bro, he even looted so many players with the same trick and I did tit for tat and retrieved most of my things back.
    4. pranking using so many ways, like, he uses invisibility potion and messes with, and he replaced the whole floor with magma cubes, put carpets on and asked me to tp to him, and I started to take damage, glad there was no lag at that time, or else, he might have taken all my drops and fled away.

    incidents with frajerc1na:-
    1. I met him in factions, he made me trust him that he is a good friend, and he visited my home in vanilla and gained trust,
    2. he too messed up with chests and containers, even tho I gave him a diamond kit in vanilla, he did loot all my diamonds, like a stack of diamond blocks, ancient debris, and look that frick, he acted like a pro in front of me,
    how could someone mine 3 stacks of diamonds within a few hours, he did it,
    and then he slowly started to return a few diamonds of mine in the name of him, in the name that he mined..
    and he did the same with ancient debris.
    3. and one day he said that he would bring his friend, but I said ok but haven't gave his friend trust, so, after a while frajer asked me few sulkers for mining, I said I can afford only a single sulker to you, and I did give him, but despite giving, he did a theft and took my brother' white sulker which is full of wooden logs and replaced its position with a polished diorite, and he stitched a cock and bull story and slipped and stopped playing.

    the recent incident with cornielnasu:-
    this guy is a bit clever,
    I clearly mentioned in the chat and requested every player not to come to end for few minutes that, I am going respawn and slay the ender dragon on my own that I can get 'free the end' advancement, despite of saying, this guy came intentionally, took my sulker, took my beds, exploded them near my bro, that my bro died with the diamond kit, and that guy stood on the death spot and when my bro used /back command, the item drop stopped to protect and all the things went to that guy and he acted like a good boy and gave the stuff back, and even I asked several times, but he didn't go, then even I died 2 times, glad I had totems of undying, and when after all these stuff we returned home, and today when I saw the chest for my diamond sword which my bro used in the fight with ender dragon, my bro said that sword would be in chests, so I searched every chest of mine, I couldn't find, but I found an unknown diamond sword lying in my chest, and after all these thinking I found that that fricking guy replaced my sword with his, and found that he is really a fricking guy as according to other players and even he got banned., and I know it since, I name each of my tools with sanskrit names, and the name of the sword was 'vajrah', we indians love and worship our tools, and I am surely hurt with this incident today, and even my brother said that he would never play on this server again, but I hope for justice.

    And there are so many more incidents, the server is often filled with these kinds of frickers,
    I have not been compensated to any of these incidents, but I want justice, and when I said that corneil's incident to mods, mods said that they can't do anything with such cases,

    so, I here stood before you mender, I hope you could definitely take care of this issue,

    my brother's name :- rvardhin
    the mods whom I have talked with me:- nekudge and astark_

    hoping faithfully

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