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Sep 17, 2020 at 11:23 PM
Dec 23, 2017
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AmazedMender16 was last seen:
Sep 17, 2020 at 11:23 PM
    1. Billybobnob
      Please help me reset my password, ive forgotten on the server
    2. Avijith
      i am trying to get staff on your server but I don't understand how to get it plz help me
    3. SQAS
      pls help me unban thanku
      and my prem key
    4. SQAS
      owner plz help soulie banned me and stole nmy perm key
    5. HlirbyAhmet
      owner please help me i forgot my account here's my name account HlirbyAhmet
      i hope you can recover my account
    6. _Cupataras_YT
      Hello AmazedMender, I want to make a deal :) I am youtuber and can you make me a YouTube rank in Survival. I want to record minecraft on Cwoare server so that people know that I am I want a YouTube rank, without any kit or something else. Thank You
      1. Mathias_V
        Apr 18, 2020
    7. zxc0805zxc
      Hello, can you please make a set of rules for factions. There are very important rules such as insiding, cords leaking just being ignored and taken poopoo's on.

      Thank you

      rip poopoo
    8. gmanight1599
      The main server is saying, register password tthen conform password and if I try to move, it teleports me to the main spawn after two steps
      1. Mathias_V
        Yes, because you have to register your name first before you can walk around. So you type: /register [password] [same password]
        Mar 9, 2020
    9. Jonttu_
      IGN: DumbNuggetCookie
      Date: 15.1.2020
      Help: I have forgotten my password and I want to re enter I have screenshots of logs on the day I was there but I have 5 and Im not sure which one is the right one cuz I am only able to open it with notepad. I hope thats ok!
      I cant add screenshots here so were do I put them???
    10. VagosBtz
      I Lost my house can you help me find it.I need you to fly because /home doesnt work
    11. jakegamerdnf
    12. jakegamerdnf
      smh is abusing and greifn :c he ruined my hard work ban him pls it will make my day so much
    13. Hydraa
      Hey mender is there any possible way to buy ranks or tags
      Cuz i dont have any paypal and credit card
    14. omate
      Mender Can you help me ?
      _Tristan banned me even i dont have a sin.!
      and i dont use my account for almost 2 weeks thanks !! ♥
    15. sessity
      Hi Mr. and Mrs.Mender
      I am the Survival Player Name: sessity I have a rank last YEAR MVP rank But why i back playing minecraft my MVP RANK was GONE I bought THE MVP RANK OWNER HOW TO BACK IT AGAIN OWNER help me to please back owner Thank you Ownerr Have a nice day ^_^
      1. Mathias_V
        Hi, I think you're better of making a post here: Or sending a pm to AmazedMender16. Maybe you still have the payment emails from PayPal or cwoare? Btw, ranks are bound to a username and not a minecraft acc in case you would have changed your username.
        Sep 4, 2019
    16. SirMcBubbles
      Hi Mr. and Mrs.Mender
      I am the Parent/Guardian of the SirMcBubbles (Michael) and I recently bought him the sky Legend rank and he says it did not go through with the transaction. I was just wondering if you could help me with this issue.
      Thank you and goodnight.
    17. Shaztemor
      Hey Umm owner i need help yesterday on your server i did /login Survival4 and today im trying it its not working i really need help and my ign Shaztemor i really need help i wanna play with my friend on ur server
      1. Mathias_V
        You should start a conversation with him I think. Go to his profile and there you can start a conversation. In the chat, you can post your account details so he can help you
        Jul 25, 2019
    18. patrick grimstad
      patrick grimstad
      I need help I don't remember my password to login. my ign is Therealzulu
      1. Mathias_V
        You should start a conversation with him I think. Go to his profile and there you can start a conversation. In the chat, you can post your account details so he can help you.
        Jul 21, 2019
    19. red_man125
      I need help I don't remember my password to login
    20. Abnator
      hey my friend has forgotten his password could you help him? his IGN is: TheRealZulu
      1. Mathias_V
        He should start a conversation with Mender trough the forum and ask what information he needs, and the Mender can help him.
        Jul 12, 2019
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