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  1. Zombierabbit1
    Zombierabbit1 AmazedMender16
    Dear owner, today i went afk for 5 minutes to ready my food and i randomly died. I dont know where neither do i know how, is there anyway i could have my items back or retrieve them? thanks in advance
    1. CN-Merkaah
      Unfortunately not, if you die you die, next time make sure you're in a safe spot when going afk.
      Feb 26, 2019
    2. Zombierabbit1
      that's the thing it wans't my fault i died where i shouldnt die i had enough food eaten there were no mobs but yet i still died
      Feb 26, 2019
    3. CN-Merkaah
      doesnt matter whos fault it is, if you die you die, your item are gone. There has to be some reason to your death, maybe a mob spawned in a dark area and found you.
      Feb 26, 2019
  2. xXZenoGodXx
  3. lniesen
    lniesen AmazedMender16
    i can not use the keys on your server
    1. Mathias_V
      Feb 16, 2019
  4. Zombivlad
  5. hassan2105
    hassan2105 jafar101
    هاجعفر اني حسن
  6. hassan2105
    hassan2105 AmazedMender16
    Can you help me i can not login to server
  7. xbox1967
    so i was climbing a tree with my brother and i fell in broken glass how unlucky
  8. xbox1967
    selling a villager spawner i traded my brother
  9. Zombivlad
    Zombivlad Theouse
    I didn't did anything
    and stop lying in my name dude
  10. Zombivlad
    Zombivlad CN-Theouse
    I didn't did anything
    I didn't hack ur acc _lper I didn't offened ur pass dude
  11. grinder616
    grinder616 AmazedMender16
    Hi I am just joining back and I forgot my password is there some way to retrieve it or make another one?
  12. _LPer
    1. Mathias_V
      idk if someone already helped you, but if you need help it's better to just make a post in the support section. Or Private message someone of the staff team.
      Oct 22, 2018
  13. _LPer
    _LPer CN-Theouse
    Hello Theouse I forgot my password can your help me
  14. _LPer
    _LPer CN-Swilltar
    Hello, Swilltar i have a Question. I forgot my password can you help me
    1. CN-Swilltar
      Sure. Do you mean your in game password ?
      Nov 5, 2018
  15. dawibo
    Minenilz is teaching other player to hack pls check discord i have proof from a player name tigs in skyblock discord chat
    1. Mathias_V
      I think it's better if you make a report instead of a profile post.
      Oct 5, 2018
  16. ShadowNAME
    ShadowNAME AmazedMender16
    hey amazedmender16 can you give me legendary keys?
    1. Mathias_V
      Can you make me president of the U.S.A ?
      Oct 3, 2018
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  17. rom1h
    Single and ready to mingle ;)
  18. kingman
    kingman AmazedMender16
    hey, dude, I want to delete my acc because I dint use anymore
    the acc name is lemonice
    another one is lemonace
    because I want to create new acc but it says it hay maximum of creating acc
  19. Herr_Siegfried
    Herr_Siegfried AmazedMender16
    hi mender my border problem is still here and now my island level is 0. just do the necessary bro
  20. jafar101
    jafar101 AmazedMender16
    mender i try alot skins but skin dont change merk say its database and tell me to tell you restart the skin i want it to make it without database pls