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  1. Drizzle
    live your lives and never give up
  2. zxc0805zxc
    zxc0805zxc AmazedMender16
    Hello, can you please make a set of rules for factions. There are very important rules such as insiding, cords leaking just being ignored and taken poopoo's on.

    Thank you

    rip poopoo
  3. gmanight1599
    gmanight1599 AmazedMender16
    The main server is saying, register password tthen conform password and if I try to move, it teleports me to the main spawn after two steps
    1. Mathias_V
      Yes, because you have to register your name first before you can walk around. So you type: /register [password] [same password]
      Mar 9, 2020
  4. zxc0805zxc
    zxc0805zxc CN-Kezueli
    Now that everything is settled I believe you offered to teach me about my amendments?
    If so, lets start as soon as you see this :)
  5. zxc0805zxc
    zxc0805zxc CN-Kezueli
    Can you please tell me what is the second rule I broke?
  6. Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades
    "/cw AoS" in Survival
  7. Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades
    Grand Opening of AoS on Friday 21/2-2020
  8. ITSsaxk
  9. Jonttu_
    Jonttu_ AmazedMender16
    IGN: DumbNuggetCookie
    Date: 15.1.2020
    Help: I have forgotten my password and I want to re enter I have screenshots of logs on the day I was there but I have 5 and Im not sure which one is the right one cuz I am only able to open it with notepad. I hope thats ok!
    I cant add screenshots here so were do I put them???
  10. Mazen
    ingame name:jumbledsiren
  11. samrockster2511
    samrockster2511 CN-Kezueli
    i have no clue how to make a appeal
  12. samrockster2511
    samrockster2511 CN-Kezueli
    bro can you pls un ban me
    i was my brother
    1. CN-Kezueli
  13. KENT
  14. VagosBtz
    VagosBtz AmazedMender16
    I Lost my house can you help me find it.I need you to fly because /home doesnt work
  15. Top Gmae Servers
    Top Gmae Servers
    Top Gmae Servers
  16. Sliizzy
    Sliizzy merkaah
    Read my ban appeal
  17. KinoRackle
  18. jakegamerdnf
    jakegamerdnf CN-Kezueli
    smh is abusing help and grifing he just kille 30 viligerd
    1. CN-Kezueli
  19. jakegamerdnf
    jakegamerdnf AmazedMender16
  20. jakegamerdnf
    jakegamerdnf AmazedMender16
    smh is abusing and greifn :c he ruined my hard work ban him pls it will make my day so much
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