Hello community of Cwoare,

Here are the 3 top voters of May 2018

1st: @Rabbid101 - 251 Votes - € 15,- Store Voucher
2nd: GoodGoodGood - 232 Votes - € 10,- Store Voucher
3rd: @Erik B - 211 Votes - € 5,- Store Voucher

1. merkaah - 258 Votes
2. Rabbid101 - 251 Votes
3. GoodGoodGood - 232 Votes
4. BeErikk - 211 Votes
5. ggwp - 191 Votes
6. userkojinikonema - 190 Votes
7. Mathias_V - 188 Votes
8. _Tristan - 186 Votes
9. Herr_Siegfried - 186 Votes
10. AmeliaX - 171 Votes
11. hengda - 158 Votes
12. Boots786 - 148 Votes
13. AmazedMender16 - 139 Votes
14. Darius157 - 139 Votes
15. jairgtr - 138 Votes
16. Marko50 - 136 Votes
17. SmileyHappy - 127 Votes
18. Twic - 124 Votes
19. maniakos - 119 Votes
20. oRoO5 - 111 Votes

You will receive your coupon code via PM on forums or Ingame Mail!
Codes must be redeemed within 10 days.

I would like to thank every one and each of you for all of the support you provide through voting for our server.
Hello everyone,

For my birthday we will be doing a giveaway!
You can find how to enter and the rewards here -> https://cwoare.nl/giveaway
Winners will be chosen at 23 of April.
Happy birthday to me and good luck to everyone!
hello everyone,

Easter is near, and what's better than Easter eggs and bunnies? A discount on our store! 40% off until 5 April!
Grab your chance, old ranks are now available at our store for limited time

Cwoare Staff Team

Vote boost is now available!
Vote on our server now to get DOUBLE voting rewards!
Hello everyone,
Factions 2.0 is finally released!
Join us today to see brand new features and a lot of improvements.
Let us know your opinion

Hello everyone,
Skyblock 2.0 is finally released!
Join us today to see brand new features and a lot of improvements.
Let us know your opinion

Hello everyone,
the winners of the giveaway has been announced and can be found here -> https://www.facebook.com/Cwoare/posts/2059750040935327

Stay tuned on our facebook page for more giveaways. This was just the beggining.
Thanks everyone for participating!
Hello minecrafters,

It's a pleasure to announce that skyblock and factions are gonna get resetted at 25 of February 2018. Then you will explore the brand new features each of these gamemodes have. For more information, see the detailed posts:
Skyblock: https://forum.cwoare.nl/threads/skyblock-2-0.107/
Factions: https://forum.cwoare.nl/threads/factions-2-0.112/
Factions 2.0 is on it's way!
It's almost here! Factions 2.0 is coming with brand new features, the reset you have been all waiting for!
Let's see the changes.

Fix | Alot of bug fixes
Improve | Many improvements/changes to the anticheat detection!
Improve | You can now blowup obsidian even faster! You can check the block health by left clicking the block with a stick!
Improve | Once you start a fight you cant just teleport away within seconds. The timer now is 20 seconds.
Improve | Donators can now better show their items with [Item]
Improve | We have made some improvements to the Board!
Improve | Big faction map.
New | Crates and Voteparty now gives you more variety of rewards.
New | PvP arena in the spawn!
New | Brand new spawn!
New | Trade with another player even between worlds!
New | Traveler NPC (He can send you too The End, Nether, Overworld)
New | Merchant way more items are added!
New | Spawners are brand new to our merchant!
New | Monthly event, join back every day and get bigger rewards! Located at the spawn.
New | World engines.
New | All 1.12.2 features.
New | Withdraw money onto a paper, to make trades easier.
New | Bounties.
New | Envoy events at pvp arena!
New | Factions warps.
New | Ability to obtain the spawners if a creeper explodes the spawner
New | Everyone has access to 1 vault with 9 slots.
Hello everyone,
We have just released our new staff rank SR.MOD.
It's a rank a between MOD and ADMIN.
And our first Senior Mods are @CN-ArmandoSkillz and @CN-Merkaah, congratulations!
Also, the rank TMOD has been renamed to HELPER.
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